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Climate change is a global problem that requires global collaboration. Poor data integrity and a lack of comparability hinders our ability to limit warming to 1.5⁰.

Companies cannot achieve their net-zero targets without addressing their full value-chain emissions.

Praesideo solves these challenges. Our mission is to create transparency on climate action by providing reliable climate data to market stakeholders, motivating companies to take faster action on climate change.


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Praesideo is a climate data platform providing trusted climate insights.

We enable businesses and investors to achieve visibility of their full value chain emissions.

We help our customers to assess and align the climate profile of their supply chains and investment portfolios with their own net-zero targets.


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The Praesideo approach:

01 We help fill data gaps on full value chain emissions, providing both granular and aggregated climate information.
02 We assess and temperature map suppliers and portfolio companies, providing tools to mange their transition to align with customers’ targets.
03 We provide market oversight of companies’ performance against net-zero commitments.

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We are building a climate data platform to help the world take climate action to the next level.

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